Site visits

A team of experienced and trained technicians is at your disposal to carry out a site visit before the works start.

During this site visit, our people search for the best, safest and cheapest solution for your problem on height. They check where the machines can be placed, if there are any obstacles, the condition of the soil... We aspire to provide a solution for all your problems on site, all of this in dialogue with you, our client.

The information gathered during the site visit is analysed by our specialists. We also check for the need of specialized lifting equipment such as a spreader bar, anchor points, and for the need of licences and traffic signs.

For special projects, we can count on our team of engineers. They can create detailed crane drawings so we can prepare everything with the most utter precision. Thanks to our team of engineers, we can provide a safe and accurate solution for every problem.

Site visits are free of charge and without any obligation.

Site visits