Licences and traffic signs

In order to place cranes and aerial platforms on public roads, you must have consent from the (local) authorities, proper licences and traffic signs are essential. Therefore we have set up a division which specializes in this area. We have more than 10 years experience , providing licences of road occupation. In dialogue with local police agencies, communities and all other authorities involved, we ensure maximum safety by designing and executing a plan for road occupation.

Application of licences, placing and control of traffic signs:

The placing of traffic signs is done by our qualified and experienced employees. Our young and dynamic team is 24/7 at your disposal.

Our working method

  • Site visit
  • Meeting with the client
  • Offer (free of charge and without obligation)
  • Sketch of the situation of road occupation
  • Application of licences with authorities
  • Placing traffic signs according to plan
  • Control and maintenance of site
  • Collect traffic signs after completion of works
Licences and traffic signs