"Better safe than sorry." This is why our safety, health and environment policy is geared towards the prevention of any damage whatsoever.

Maes Hoogwerkers has held a VCA certificate ever since 1992. This certification system ensures the correct application of our safety management system and guarantees our customers high working standards in terms of safety and quality.

Monthly tool box meetings contribute to making operators aware of how to work safely. These meetings combined with trainings, the availability of the necessary PPE and the continuous monitoring of our operators, lead to the reduction of our risks.

Moreover, we also organize safety training courses for our customers. We inform them on our risks and on the ways to work safely with lifting platforms and cranes.

'Nothing or nobody is so important that it should/can jeopardize your safety or the safety of others!'

With regard to the environment, our cherry-pickers and cranes are equipped as standard with sheets and pellets which can be used for immediate action in case of an oil leak. Furthermore, a number of machines use biodegradable oil.